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Airplane competition

A fun variation on asking questions which lets students have a bit of fun with paper airplanes.

What is learnt?
Review questions of past lesson material.

How the game is played:
Either have some paper airplanes to preprepared or have the students make their own for homework.

Stand the students in a line and let them test their paper planes. Next either assign point to different clasroom items around the room or else you can position flashcards around the round and assign them points. e.g. teacher's table 5 points, the door 10 pomts, in the trashcan 20 points, etc.

Have two students from each team come up to answer a question. The first person to answer the question correctly gets to throw their plane to the target of their choice to score points for their team. You can them ask the slowest person another question and then allow them to throw their plane for 'half points'.

The winner team you can give stickers etc to.

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