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Do you like .....?

This is a good game to review taught vocabulary and to start getting the children talking short conversations

What is learnt?
Short conversations, asking questions, answering questions and review of vocabulary

How the game is played:
1. Teach "Do you like..?" and four bits of vocab. e.g. eating, drinking, dancing, watching tv, ice cream, hot dogs, etc

2. Get the children to stand up

3. Get out a stop watch and start the 'race' by saying "ready, steady... GO!"

4. The Children then rush to find an available partner then need to go through the conversation dialog.

A: "Hello" or "Good Morning"
B: "Hello" or "Good Morning"
A: "Do you like [dancing]?"
B: "Yes, I do! Do you like [going to the park]?"
A: "No I don't!"
B: "Thank you"
A: "Goodbye"

5. They change partners and repeat the conversation dialog. BUT this time they ask about a different verbs or food.

6. This repeats until all of the 4 questions have been exhausted.

7. Once a person gas finished they sit down on the floor or chair.

8. When the last child sits down, the teacher stops the stopwatch!

This game can be done to review 4 or 5 words that have been taight and can be repeated every few lessons to practise conversation skills, fluentcy and vocab. Keep a copies of the times so that the children can try to better their previous times, lots of fun!

This game can also be played with the sentence beginners "Where's the ...?" " Do you know ...?" or any others you can think of.

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