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A great ESL Game for reviewing previously learnt vocabulary.

What is learnt? 
Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs.

How the game is played:
Draw enough squares on the board for each student to be able to draw in.
Then have students write their names above their square. The teacher then calls out a word and the students draw it in their box.

Words that can be used include:
Nouns: an elephant, a car, the school, the teacher, yourself, etc
Adjectives: draw a big elephant, a fast car, a busy school, and angry teacher, etc
Verbs: a man drinking, a dog jumping, a bird flying, etc

Once the drawing is finished the student needs to repeat what they have drawn.
Give points to students yourself or you can choose one or two students to act as a judging panel.

09.11.2006. 22:48


Anna on 12.11.2006. 00:40

Good game thanks!

Henry on 27.12.2006. 08:30

Great Site! and thanks for the games, just what i was looking for :)

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