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Sort, Scan, Earn

A good puzzle to practise present and past tense verbs. Played individually or in groups it can be a fun game for older students. These game can be modified by the teacher to include words used in the taught course.

What is learnt?
Recognition of english words and practise of present and past tense words.

How the game is played:
More than 35 present or past tense verbs can be found in this puzzle.

Scan, sort, and earn are three of these verbs that can be found in the puzzle. The letters of each word must be in a box either adjacent to or diagonal to each other. Though the same letter can be used twice in a word, no letter can be used consecutively. You must move from one letter to another. Write your words on another sheet of paper. Each word is worth 1 point. So scan the puzzle, sort the letters, and earn your points!

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ESL Games: Sort, Earn and Earn

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