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Listen to Yourself

An easily adaptable base for a quick game to practise syllables and spelling.

What is learnt?
Syabbles and spelling.

How the game is played:
Students need to ask to name nouns, verbs (present tense only), and adjectives. Which contain a certain amount of syllables in each word.

To make this game more interesting it can be made into a race, into a quiz (by drawing the questions out of a hat), or if you are just having a bad day can just serve as homework!

4 one-syllable nouns _____________________________________
4 one-syllable verbs _____________________________________
4 one-syllable adjectives __________________________________

4 two-syllable nouns _____________________________________
4 two-syllable verbs _____________________________________
4 two-syllable adjectives __________________________________

4 three-syllable nouns ____________________________________
4 three-syllable verbs ____________________________________
4 three-syllable adjectives ________________________________

4 four-syllable nouns _____________________________________
4 four-syllable verbs _____________________________________
4 four-syllable adjectives __________________________________

09.11.2006. 22:37


John on 09.11.2006. 22:42

Good activity to review and fill in an empty 10 mins at the end of class when your class material has finished early.

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