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Whose am I?

Activity for ESL students to practise whose and family/relationships.


What is learnt?
's + animate + human

How the game is played:

  1. Revise the words below which the students already know and teach the others.

    father                    uncle                  niece                   flatmate              boss
    mother                  aunt                   wife                    classmate            colleague
    son                       sister                  husband              friend                 enemy ex-
    daughter               brother               twin                    boyfriend            friend ex-
    grandson              nephew              cousin                 girfriend              husband etc.

  2. Explain to the students you are going to tell them about people close to
    you. Ask one person to come out and sit with you in front of the group
    as your special listener. You speak for a minute (time yourself).
    If I were teaching your class I might start this way: 'I'm John's son and Sophie's husband. I'm Julie's brother and Edward's friend and colleague. I'm not a cousin.'
    When you have finished your minute, the listener has to repeat back to you what you said as best they can. You may have to prompt them here and there.

  3. Tell the class to pair off and do the exercise you have just demonstrated. Stress the importance of the listener really listening (no note taking). You time the groups. Each person in the pair has a turn at speaking.

  4. Finish the exercise with each student drawing a diagram of the people their neighbour 'belongs to', e.g.:

                                  John's son


Edwards's friend     -    HOLLY     -          Julie's husband


                                 Michael's brother


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

02.01.2007. 11:42


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