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A good game to use to begin the class and warm you students up and get them thinking in English. This game can work well with most ages and as well as a class warm up, it can be used as a filler for 5-10 minutes to help stimulate the class, or at the end of the class if you have gone through your lesson quicker than planned.

What is learnt?
This game focuses on vocabulary and can help to get students thinking in English and working on their spelling.

How the game is played:
To play the game divide the class into two teams. On the blackboard, draw spaces for the number of letters in a word. Have the players guess letters in the word alternating between the teams. If a letter in the word is guessed correctly, the teacher writes it into the correct space. If a letter is guessed which is not in the word, the teacher draws part of the man being hanged. The team which can guess the word first receives a point, then start the game over.

If teaching younger children you may prefer to avoid drawing a hanging man. There are many alternatives for this, the one i normally use is to draw a bomb with the fuse as a broken line. As a student guesses a wrong answer a line of the fuse gets deleted. This can add quite a bit of excitement to this game with the younger children especially as you get closer to the bomb exploding. BOOOOOOOM!

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