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Picture the Past

Activity using a fictious event in the past the is built upon by other students.


What is learnt?
Past Simple, Past Perfect and Future in the Past.

How the game is played:

  1. Ask three students to come out and help you demonstrate the exercise. Draw a picture on the board of something interesting you have done. Do not speak about it. Student A then writes a past simple sentence about it. Student B writes about what had already happened before the picture action and student C about something that was going to happen, using the appropriate grammar.

  2. Put the students in fours. Each draws a picture of a real past action of theirs. They pass their picture silently to a neighbour in the foursome who adds a past tense sentence. Pass the picture again and each adds a past perfect sentence. They pass again and each adds a was going to sentence. All this is done in silence with you going round helping and correcting.

  3. In their fours, they compare the pictures and sentences. The sentences frequently reinterpret the pictures in an amusing way.


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

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luisa on 18.06.2007. 21:56


GISELE on 16.07.2007. 11:51

I like the idea very much.
Can you send me a copy?

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