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Quick Grammar Quiz

A quick game to quiz your students on the grammar they have learnt in class.


What is learnt?
Any Grammar you have covered in class.

Prepare a set of six questions on a grammar area that needs a review. For this game to work the questions should be pretty difficult for the class. The example below was created for an elementary, monolingual class of Arabic speakers:


  1. I'll be going to the cinema tonight. Name this tense.
  2. Spell the present and past participles of 'to write'.
  3. I've been going there ever since I came to Cambridge. Right or wrong?
  4. What's the difference between 'hoping' and 'hopping'?
  5. What does 'get through' mean? What is it?
  6. What's the difference between 'good' and 'well'?


The questions you write need to be too difficult for the individual student but not beyond the combined resources of the class. If you have a large class two or three sets may be necessary.


How the game is played:

  1. The aim of the game is for a group to get three questions completely right. Put the class into pairs or small groups. Read out the questions a couple of times to the class (don't write them or let the students take notes as they'll get lots of chances to hear them again as the game progresses).
  2. Ask the first group to choose the three they want to attempt out of the six questions. They should say the numbers they want to attempt, e.g. two, five, six. Read out all the questions again on demand as you go along.
  3. Read each of the three questions chosen and get the first pair of students to answer them, one by one. When they've given all three answers say how many were right; one out of three, two out of three etc. but don't say which ones were right.
  4. Ask the next group to give the numbers of the three they want to answer and repeat the process. As soon as a group gets all three right, discuss and give answers to all six.


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

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