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A guessing game, for the students to guess which sentences are grammatically correct and which ones are wrong.


What is learnt?
Can be use to teach varied grammar and for a range of levels.

Write or collect 21 sentences on the grammar area you want to practise. They should be a mixture of correct and incorrect sentences. You need one sheet per five students. Cut them up so each of the 21 sentences is on a separate slip of paper.


How the game is played:

  1. Group students in fives.* Give each group a set of the 21 sentence slips. The slips should be placed where everyone in the fivesome can see them. Tell the students they have ten minutes to discuss whether the sentences are right or wrong. After the ten minutes give the students time to check with you. Ask the students not to take notes or mark the slips as the next stage of the game acts as a review. The slips are then placed face downwards.

  2. Each student should take three slips (six are left over).

  3. They can look at their own but not the others' slips. Each student should guess how many of the fifteen slips that the group have are right or wrong.

  4. Students turn over and display their sentences so that all the group can see them. They should check which sentences are right and which wrong and who won by getting the closest guess.

  5. Shuffle the slips and have a second round to further reinforce and review the grammar.

* You may have to have some groups of four.


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

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