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Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers is a great ESL game that can be played at almost any level. It is a good game as it is easily adapted to the level you are teaching, it involves the whole class with noone sitting idle waiting for others to participate.

What is learnt?
Chinese Whispers is a game to practise listening and pronounciation skills.

How the game is played:
Divide the class into two teams. Line up the players. If there's an odd number of players, one can be the teacher's "helper". The teacher or his helper either whispers a message or shows a flash card / picture to the first person of both group A and group B.

The game only starts when both players know the message. Then each player whispers the message to the next player in his group sucessively until the last player gets the message. The team which can repeat the message correctly first recieves a point (variants also include the last person drawing the picture on the board or the writing the word on the board).

This game can be repeated again with the second student of each group becoming the first ones in line.

03.12.2006. 22:33


Ashley on 18.12.2006. 14:27

Always a favorite game this one.

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