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Day at the Races

A fun game involving the whole class, based on betting on the horse racing.

What is learnt?
Teaches verbs + -ing I verbs + infinitive / verbs that take either

How the game is played:
- Prepare and give 5 copies of each of the 3 Grammar problem sheets Enough copies of each of the 3 Grammar answer sheets to have one per pair of students


- Ask five students to be the 'horses'; ask them to come and sit at the front of the class facing the others. Tell them you will shortly give them the first Grammar problem sheet. Their task will be to reach a group decision as to which sentences are correct and which are wrong.


- Give the rest of the class copies of the first Grammar answer sheet. Tell the class not to communicate with the 'horses'.


- Ask the students to pair off and prepare to lay bets. Each pair has $1000. They must predict how many sentences the 'horses', as a group, will deal with correctly and which ones. If they predict wrongly they l;s their money. If they predict correctly, they double their stake. This is ct first of three rounds so they shouldn't use all their money. They prepare their bets by ticking the sentences they think the 'horses' will make rigrr judgements about. Each pair shouts out the number of sentences they think the 'horses' will make right judgements about and the amount tbf are betting, e.g. 'Three correct judgements - we're betting $250.' Now give the 'horses' copies of the first Grammar problem sheet. Tht task is to decide, as a group, which sentences are correct and which arr wrong. The 'horses' discuss in front of the class so that everybody car-hear. They make their decision within a four minute time-limit. One o: them announces the group decision about each sentence and the rest : the class tells them if they are right or wrong. The 'punters' check ther predictions and calculate whether they have lost their money or doubt, it. To double their money the 'horses' must have done exactly what tbr predicted. With some classes it is good to have them shout out, e.g. 'Lt» $500!' or 'Doubled $300!'

Repeat the betting with two more groups of 'horses' using Grammar problem sheet 2 and Grammar problem sheet 3.


[This game can easily be adapted for use with different structures and to teach different levels of students.]


Example Grammar Problem Sheets

  1. She fears public speaking.
  2. They delayed the departure of the plane as long as they possibily could.
  3. Please avoid to use bad language.
  4. They can't afford to buy a double storey house in the inner suburbs.
  5. She promised telling me her secret. 

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