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Did you write..

Students ask each other questions on written statements on likes and dislikes.


What is learnt?
Verbs of liking and disliking + gerund. Past question formation form with relative pronoun and reported speech.

How the game is played:

  1. Divide the class into groups of about ten or twelve students and appoint a leader for each group.

  2. Have everyone write an English word they really like on a slip of paper and have the group leaders collect these.

  3. Suggest a selection of verbs of liking and disliking, e.g.: I don't like, I can't stand, I hate, I loathe, I detest, I like, I really like, I love, I'm crazy about. Ask students to write secretly, on a slip of paper, one thing that they hate or love doing but that their best mates would be surprised to find that they hated or loved. Ask the group leader to collect in the slips.

  4. Have everyone write a list on a blank sheet of paper of the names of all the classmates in their sub-group.

  5. Ask the group leader to read out the favourite word lists. Tell the students to write each favourite word next to the name of the student who they guess wrote it. The group leaders then dictate the like/dislike sentences and the students again write them next to the supposed author.

  6. Give the class the question:

    Did you write that your favourite word was ... ?
    Have a round of questions in each group simultaneously. Each student can ask only one question to any other student in the group. The students keep track of what has been discovered on their sheets. There may need to be two or three rounds.

  7. Now give the structures:
    Was it you who wrote you hated/loved} or Is it you who wrote you loved/hated} Proceed as in step 6.


Although there is a lot of repetition and drill-like practice of structure in

this exercise, the main purpose is to get people to listen to each other




Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

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