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Your ESL students quenstionnaire other students, practising questions ending in verb + with.


What is learnt?
Reciprocal verbs. i.e. Verbs followed by with.

Think of an extrovert, pushy person you know well. Be ready to draw a picture of them on the board.


How the game is played:

  1. Draw a picture on the board of the pushy person you have decided on. Tell the group two or three things about them.

  2. Give out The questionnaire so the students can ask you about your person (you may have to explain some of the verbs). Give full, reflective answers. At the end of the questioning phase point out that all but one of the verbs in the questionnaire are followed by with.

  3. Ask each student to draw a picture of someone they know who is extrovert and pushy. Tell them the worse the drawing is, the better it is for the exercise!

  4. Pair the students. Person A administers the questionnaire to person B. Then they do it the other way round.


What did you say the person's name is?
Who does.................. (name) mostly mix with?
Who does.................. quarrel with?
Who does he or she compete with? Who does he or she avoid mixing with?
Who does.................. talk with most? What about, mostly?
Who clashes with them most? Over what?
Who do they usually consult with? On what?
Who do they often agree with? About what?
What problems does................... have to contend with at home, at work?


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

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