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Students discuss the word lack and complete a questionnaire with others.


What is learnt?
Noun to Adjective transformation adding less.

How the game is played:

  1. Brainstorm the idea of lack. Get the students to fill the board with ideas connected with lack, e.g. dearth, drought, short of etc.

  2. Pair the students and give out the Semantic questionnaire, one to each pair. Ask them to work through this, using a dictionary where necessary.

  3. Give out the Semantic questionnaire key and cope with things the students bring up.

  4. Pair the students. Give out one of the Personal questionnaires to person A in each pair and the other to person B. Tell the students to ask their questions.



  1. Can you think of a synonym for anonymous that ends in less?
  2. Suppose you are astonished and dumbfounded by something - you simply can't open your mouth -you are left                                                                                                       less.
  3. You go running and you pant a lot - one could describe you as being      less or out           
  4. Can you find a word ending in less to describe a military commander who kills all his prisoners?
  5. Have you ever run a half marathon? After an hour's running the way ahead can seem      less.
  6. How about a                    less word for unnecessary?
  7. You can talk about a man of limitless means (pots of money) but can you talk about a man of limitful means?
  8. A dress that is too large and doesn't fit you can be described as               less.
  9. What's the opposite of a sensible idea?
  10. Give a synonym for 'still' in the sentence 'He stood absolutely still'.
  11. If a person does something unkind and rough to you, you can accuse them of being          less.
  12. Do you understand this phrase: 'umpteen overland as tomorrowified'? You could describe the phrase as                                                                                                                  less.
  13. To say a 'dead corpse' sounds odd but you can say 'a....................... less  corpse'.
  14. What is the opposite of 'kind', ending in less? (use a part of the body)
  15. If something is harmless, does it mean no harm will come to it?
  16. Do you think 'pregnant' is the opposite of childless?
  17. If you have hyper-inflation, the currency becomes........................ less.  What's the opposite adjective?
  18. She has been a teacher, a plumber and has had a huge number of other jobs too. She has had     less jobs.
  19. Is there any group of landless people in your country? Who?
  20. Saving pennies for the fun of it, if you yourself are well-off, is pretty        less.


1    nameless (or faceless)    2    speechless ('wordless' does not fit as well here)    3    breathless or out-of-breath    4    merciless or ruthless ('heartless'is too weak)    5    endless    6    needless    7    no 8    shapeless    9    senseless    10    motionless    11    thoughtless or heartless ('thoughtless' implies they are unaware)    12    meaningless 13    lifeless    14    heartless    15    no    16    no, because a childless woman is not necessarily a barren woman    17    worthless; strong 18    countless    19    (student's own answer)    20    pointless


Student A (to student B)

  • When was the last time you felt relatively helpless? Tell me about it. What happened then?
  • When did someone in authority last set you a pointless task? What was it? How did you react?
  • Waiting can seem endless. Does it ever happen to you?
  • Have you ever read a book you feel is timeless? Why does it have this quality of timelessness for you?
  • Are your thought processes ever shapeless and all over the place? What do you do about it?
  • When were you last left speechless with delight?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you felt powerless? Say more.


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Graham.J.B. for submitting this game to us.

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pnavabi on 04.04.2007. 09:00

perfect but too much teacher preperation!

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